The airport has been owned and managed since April 2009 by the Syndicat mixte ''Béziers Cap d'Agde Hérault Occitanie airport hub'', which brings together several historical partners of the platform: the Béziers Méditerranean, Herault Mediterranean et Sète Agglopole Mediterranean, the Herault Administrative Department., Occitanie Pyrenees Mediterranean Region, Confederation of villages within the Domitienne and Cap d'Agde Mediterranean Tourist Office.

The Presiding Chairman of this Joint Syndicate is Philippe Vidal, departmental councilor and 2nd Vice-president of the Hérault departmental council, delegate for regional planning.

The General Manager of the Mixed Union and the Airport is Isabelle Roumagnou.

With the creation of the Syndicat mixte, Béziers Cap d'Agde Hérault Occitanie airport has carried out a major development plan resulting in strong growth and annual traffic of nearly 300.000 passengers. The airport counts 100 Jobs.

An important contributor to local and regional tourism, Béziers Cap d'Agde airport generates economic benefits estimated at nearly 60 million in its catchment area and 600 indirect jobs.

  • Runway: 2045 mx 45 m / Orientation: 9/27
  • PAPI and GNSS procedures
  • HI approach marking and marking
  • Plane parking: 13000 m2 (8.000 m2 heavy: 3 seats Boeing 737 / 5 m000 light)
  • Pelicandrome / Civil security: 5000 m2
  • JET A1 and AVGAS 100LL 180 m3 refueling station, 2 JET refueling trucks and 1 H24 AVGAS 110L self-service station
  • Weather Station
  • 2000 m2 terminal building / 2 departure lounges
  • Passenger and baggage screening inspection stations
  • 1 sales and information desk
  • 5 registration desks
  • Building dedicated to vehicle rental companies.
  • 1 self-service station H24 AVGAS 100LL
  • Business aviation terminal